verify-u Ident

verify-u Ident is a fully automated process that helps your business to identify the end-users without any interruption. verify-u Ident is certified across the European Union and it is the right solution for you to increase your business conversion on onboarding new customers.
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Certified security (eIdas/ETSI)      7/7 24 hours online service      Up to 40% increase in conversion      Supports PC, Tablet, Mobile, SmartTV

How Ident works

1. The customer’s personal details are collected
verify-u Ident
2. Small bank transaction (via Skrill, girocheck, etc) is done to confirm their identity
verify-u Ident
3. Customer uploads a picture of her/his ID document
We match the ID’s picture with the user’s selfie
4. The document will be manually checked and the process is completed
verify-u Ident
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Main Benefits

Round the clock service
AML Compliant
eIDAS Compliantd
Higher ROI
Multi language support
Supports IDs from over 190 countries
Global reach
Fully integration into your application
Superior APIs
Business Protection
Accept documents from over 190 countries
Prevent online fraud
Be compliant with regulations (KYC, GDPR, AML)
Maximize ROI with fast onboarding
Integrated and customised environment for the best user experience
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